Message from CEO代表メッセージ

CEO 代表取締役/TabataTakehito 田端健人


In a nutshell, it's a professional group that makes swimwear. Our greatest strength is that we can manufacture in-house from designing to sample making. We established our company as a sample manufacturer and launched our original brand, "Guacamole," in 2009, and started the OEM business in 2009.
Now, we are producing swimwear for more than 100 brands in Japan, and developing activewear for daily use using stretch fabrics. Not only in Japan, but our goal is to expand oversea and became "King of Swimwear".

In 2018, we opened our factory line on Cebu Island. We are planning to expand overseas, focus on IT, and intend to challenge various business formats. You will be expected to think in a different perspective since everyone is involved in everything from planning to sales.

Knowledge is inevitable when working in a highly specialized company like ours. We are "a company that can make proposals" and "a company that produces it because we were told to." In our free atmosphere, we would like our team to aim to become someone with sharpness and etiquette while adhering to the minimum rules.
I want to achieve a further leap with "people with dreams" and "people with ambitions."